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Alice van Buren - Crusader Follies

Exhibiting at: Philip Bareiss Gallery

March 30 - April 24, 2007
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Taos, NM 87571
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An Allegory for the Road

“Honk if you love Jesus.” “Come Oil Ye Faithful.” How have the crusades for Christ and petroleum gotten so mixed up? Are truckers the knights of our roads, and how is an l8 wheeler like a medieval war horse? Alice van Buren will explore this terrain with a talk and a show of her paintings at the Philip Bareiss Gallery in Taos, opening on March 30.

“Crusader Follies” is an extended allegory in paint, a twist on the link between our oil-driven culture and the horse-based Crusades. Gasoline knights, bishops blessing big rigs, sisters of mercy line up for the ride, all on horse back in a truck stop world. The series includes large and small paintings, works on paper and several installations: Oil Rules (jouster’s dummy with oil drums), Twin Pennants for the House of Saud and the White House and Gas Stations of the Cross, a miniature golf course, where you putt from pump to pump, on the way to wind, water and sun. This series has been in the works since l999. Horse-power was the driving idea, well before 9/ll and the war in Iraq. Exploring the power of horses in art and war, the artist has found a metaphor that extends from the medieval joust to the American highway and the geo-politics of oil.

Alice van Buren is a painter, a playwright and essayist, and a keeper of horses. Educated at Harvard and Brown, she studied painting at the Rhode Island School of Design and print-making in France. She has been a journalist, a book artist and a radio commentator in Paris. She moved to New Mexico, via Taos, where she was a fellow at the Wurlitzer Foundation in l996. She now lives in Santa Fe at Sculpture Ranch, a venue for outdoor and land-based art, co-founded with her husband, the sculptor Nathaniel Hesse.

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